Common Boat Towing Issues and Ways to Solve Them

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For a person who doesn’t have lots of experience in boating, boat towing could become a problem. Issues usually occur while boats are towed on high-speed or rough roads. However, there’s a solution for each boat towing issue. Let’s take a look at the common problems and their solutions.

  • Trailer Rust: Rust affects all the boat trailers at some point. It can begin on the trailer’s inside and start moving to the outside surface. To avoid the problem of rust, give a thorough clean to your trailer with water after each use.
  • Wheel Bearings: Like other parts of the boat or the trailer, bearings also have a limited life. Thus, you should keep an eye on their strength and replace them before they start to fail and cause a critical incident.
  • Electrical Failures: They are common on trailers and can create a serious boat towing issue for you. Saltwater can wear down electrical components and wiring that can cause brake lights and indicators to fail. Large trailer boats need an electrical braking procedure to tow safely. To avoid this problem, check your trailer electrics before each use. If anything looks fishy or wrong, you can get professional advice from Australian boat builders.
  • Trailer Blowouts: This problem can be fixed easily by changing your boat tires. Test the tire condition and pressure before every use. Remember that most of the trailers don’t have spare tires. If your trailer also doesn’t have a spare tire, buy 1 or 2 spare ones for emergency use.

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