Characteristics of Requirements Based Electronic Product Development in Ontario

Can you imagine how many electronic products are developed every year? Behind every successful electronic design, there are just as many, possibly even life-changing, innovations that don't ever go far. The father of the electric light bulb, Thomas Edison, had more than 1,000 patented inventions that didn't make it to fruition as a useful device.

Granted, just because something is a unique idea, doesn't mean its destiny is development, but there is a secret regarding the success of those ideas that do become successful. The causes for both the nonstarters and the succeeders are wide-ranging but can often be traced to whether or not the original requirements were effectively defined.

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Outsourcing vs In-house Product development by Vikram Ghadge Medium

Examining every aspect of the electronic product and developing a structured definition is important to be done even before a plan for development is formulated. The requirements stage is absolutely crucial to product success.

Focusing on requirements at the front end of the electronic product development process provides a foundation and winnows out potential flaws. By improving the likelihood of success the cost of electronic product development is ultimately kept lower and it can be completed sooner. The requirements level of electronic product development has categorically been shown to cause the biggest cause of design defects.

This stage relates the customer's product vision to the technology being applied by the engineering firm and ensures that an appropriate development plan is carried out. Requirement inadequacies will be detected later into the project and result in delays and do-overs, so they become more and more expensive as the product development process advances.

As the Changes to requirements of the expected product performance, interfaces and agency testing (UL, CE, FCC, CSA, etc.) become exponentially, increasingly complex and expensive. The costs rise quickly.

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