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Tuesday 23 January 2018


EXCLUSIVE - The Press Conference Q&A They Didn't Broadcast

Paul Zanetti Tuesday 6 September 2016

The unedited excerpt that ended up on the cutting room floor.

EXCLUSIVE: Secret Kevin Rudd Letters Uncovered

Paul Zanetti Saturday 30 July 2016

In retaliation to the Rudd letters, the Prime Minister's office has released a batch of private correspondence with UN Secretary General candidate, Kevin Rudd

Paris Polluted While Politicians, Planes and Puffery Proliferate

Angelica Freebie Tuesday 1 December 2015

Paris this week has been choking in carbon emissions as 40,000 people jetted in for an historic climate conference to discuss ways to reduce carbon emissions.

Tony Abbott Abbott Abbott Chocolate Cake Alert

Stefan Di Marco Saturday 28 November 2015

Canberra was in lock down this week after former Prime Minister Tony Abbott was seen walking through the halls of parliament house with a chocolate cake.

Greens Toying Around With Gender Bending

Stefan Di Marco Thursday 26 November 2015

Australian Greens Senators are calling for an inquiry into whether children’s toys have any effect on why 90% of voters do not vote for the Greens. 

United Nations Tells Australia: Do As We Say

Tracee Griswold Tuesday 10 November 2015

Australia has been condemned by the United Nations for saving lives, helping its aborigines and refusing to tolerate bigotry.

Trade Union Royal Commission Extended Another Ten Years

Stefan Di Marco Thursday 5 November 2015

The Trade Union Royal Commission has been extended another decade to allow time for more union officials to claim they ‘done nuffink wrong’.

Radical Religion Demands Right To Be Miserable Victims

Stefan Di Marco Tuesday 3 November 2015

Radical Victim group Hizbutt T’Rear has complained that child members of the Victimology religion should not be forced to enjoy Australian sunshine, beaches and fresh air.

Toddlers Should Be Allowed To Join Union - Shorten

Paul Zanetti Sunday 1 November 2015

Labor leader Bill Shorten wants all 16-18 month olds to join a union to protect their rights in the home.

Most Australians Demand Higher Power Prices

Paul Zanetti Saturday 31 October 2015

Six out of ten voters want significantly increased power prices according to a survey.

World Health Organisation Warns Of New Abbottophobia Outbreak

Stefan Di Marco Thursday 29 October 2015

The WHO has issued a global warning of an unexpected outbreak of a new strain of Abottophobia.

Shorten Claims Poll Lead

Stefan Di Marco Tuesday 27 October 2015

Opposition leader Bill Shorten standing with voters has hit new highs, enjoying popularity not seen since his union days.

Shorten Wants No Plibersek On Gay Marriage

Stefan Di Marco Thursday 22 October 2015

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten today told his party he would prefer there be ‘no Plibersek’ on same sex marriage.

Shorten Still Leads In Leadership Coup Poll

Paul Zanetti Monday 12 October 2015

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten attacked Prime Minister Turnbull’s toppling of Tony Abbott in parliament today.

Mayor Charged With Being A Tosser

Tracee Griswold Wednesday 7 October 2015

Suburban Mayor Salime Looka'moi has been charged by police for being a Grade A tosser.

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