Cat Batting Toys

If your cat is fond of batting around objects, you can give her a cat batting toy to play with. There are several kinds of these toys. Some are soft and filled with catnip, while others are more durable. A good choice for a kitty that bats around objects is a battable that has springs and balls. Other cat toys include feeder toys, which are a great option for cats that eat too quickly or too much at a time.

Frisco kickers

If your cat likes to wrestle, then Frisco kicker toys are the perfect choice. These toys are made from a plush, soft material that provides the right texture for your feline friend to wrestle with. They are infused with Canadian catnip and come in multiple unique colors.

These cat fighting toys are stuffed with natural cat attractants, such as catnip and silver vine. They also feature a durable canvas to maximize the diffusion of the attractants. Cats will play for hours with these toys. They are also great for training your cat to fight with other cats.


The Hexbug CAT Batting Toy is an innovative cat toy that requires almost zero setup and is a great addition to any cat’s toy box. The toy works with a simple on and off sliding switch. This product comes with batteries already installed, making it ready for play right out of the box. The Hexbug only works on hard surfaces, so it is best suited for a home with no carpeting.

This fun cat toy is incredibly realistic and will fool both your cat and human visitors. The toy comes in different colors and is made of durable materials. Because it mimics the movement of real bugs, it is an excellent choice for cats that like to chase things. Unlike the more expensive, complex toys, the Hexbug is smaller and may not move around on carpeted floors.

The toy can be used with your kitty for up to 10 minutes. The toy features sensors that allow it to sense obstacles. Once the timer runs out, the toy shuts off and you can manually turn it on again. A bonus feature is that it can change direction when it senses an obstruction.

Cat toys are a great way to entertain your kitty while you are not around. These interactive toys help engage your cat’s brain as he or she plays with them. Make sure to rotate the toys often and consider their placement in your home. Moreover, these toys engage your kitty’s inner hunter and stimulate his or her natural hunting instincts.

The USB rechargeable Hexbug CAT Batting Toy works on carpets and hard surfaces. It has an irregular direction and colourful lights on its wheels. The toy also has a remote control that lets you play with it without having to keep an eye on it. The remote control features knobs for forward, left, right, and back motion.

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