You can choose different CAT BATTING TOYS to keep your cat entertained. Some toys are squeaky and some are textured. You can get a tower of tracks or a KONG. Some of these toys are even designed for your pet to wrestle with.

Petstages Tower of Tracks

For cat owners looking for a fun, interactive cat toy that a single or multiple cat household can enjoy, the Petstages Tower of Tracks is a great choice. These toys feature three levels with colorful spinning balls and a non-slip base for safety. Designed to encourage play and engage cats’ natural instincts, this toy can keep your pet happy for hours.

This toy is great for kittens and young cats, but can be frustrating for adult cats. The lightweight tracks can cause frustration in cats, and the ball may get lost in the tracks. They can also be noisy and overwhelming for an older cat. It’s best for cats that are between kitten and adult age.

Cats are naturally drawn to toys with lots of parts. This toy features six balls in three tracks. Your cat can bat at the balls, but they can’t fall out. The toy is also versatile, so multiple cats can play with it at once. It also has non-skid pads to prevent it from slipping, and a safety bar so paws can’t get stuck.

Cat toys can also be dangerous if cats are not kept under close supervision. If your cat likes to eat, it may get stuck in the toy’s compartments, creating a choking hazard. In addition, larger cats may find it difficult to get into the toy. Moreover, the toy is only designed for small and medium-sized cats, and isn’t intended for rough play.

If your cat prefers playing outdoors, these toys are perfect for outdoor cats. They can chase each other through the tunnel and nap in the soft center. The sound from the birds may even hypnotize your cat, making them even more playful. Besides, the toy contains a speaker that plays a realistic squeaking sound when the toy is caught.


Whether your cat enjoys pounces or prefers interactive play, you’ll find the Petstages cat fighting toys a great choice. With three different types to choose from, this cat toy stimulates both physical and mental activity. It is ideal for kitties of all ages.

The Fresh Breath Mint Stick Cat Toy is a fun toy for cats of all ages and is made with a lightweight crinkle material and durable netting for easy carrying. The dried mint scented toy enables your cat to enjoy the scent of fresh mint.

Petstages cat toys are designed to be safe and non-toxic for cats of all ages. Purchasing a variety of cat toys is a smart way to avoid boredom and keep your pet happy. However, it is important to keep your cat’s toy clean and to regularly check for damage.

Another great choice for your cat is the Petstages Crepe Bumblers Cat Toy. This lightweight cat toy features three different fabric textures and streamers that your cat can play with. The catnip inside is filled with a calming scent and helps clean your cat’s teeth. Whether your cat enjoys chasing and playing or simply prefers to relax with a cat toy, the Crepe Bumblers will entertain both of them.

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