Best Places to Visit in Cordova, Alaska

Cordova is a city in Alaska’s Chugach Census Area, near the mouth of Copper River and the head of Orca Inlet, east of Prince William Sound. As of the 2010 census, the city’s population was 2,239 and is a popular tourist destination. Its waterfront is a beautiful place to see salmon and shorebirds, and it also has an interesting museum.

Cordova is a fishing community on the east coast of Prince William Sound

With direct access to the ocean, visitors to Cordova can enjoy the many outdoor activities available. The town is home to several wildlife attractions, including seals and sea otters. They can also see a variety of birds in the nearby wetlands and freshwater Eyak Lake.

The community is located in the Chugach Region and is home to the Chugach Region People, an indigenous tribe. The Chugach Region People are a federally recognized native tribe. They have lived in the area for over 10,000 years. The village is governed by the Native Village of Eyak, which is responsible for protecting tribal members’ health, promoting community well-being, and preserving their native languages and cultures. The village’s first permanent residents arrived in 1889 and took advantage of the area’s abundant fishing. They also built the town’s first cannery. The town’s population grew dramatically after the railroad arrived in 1911. The trains from the Copper River & Northwestern Railway made Cordova their terminus, and the town quickly began to grow.

The city is located at the head of Orca Inlet on the Prince William Sound. The town’s name comes from the 1790 name of Puerto Cordova, which is Spanish for “the island of Cordova.” The city’s location on the Copper River has shaped its natural beauty, making it a desirable place to live and vacation. Its location is also near a river that feeds into the Sound, which makes it ideal for fishing. In 2011, nearly 400 people in the community held commercial fishing permits. As a result, nearly half of households had someone working in the fishing industry.

It is a popular tourist destination

Cordova is a small city in Alaska located in the Chugach Census Area. It is near the mouth of the Copper River and the head of Orca Inlet, east of Prince William Sound. As of the 2020 Census, the population of Cordova was 2,609. In 2010, the population was 2,239.

There are several reasons to visit Cordova. While it is a small town, it has plenty of attractions to keep tourists happy. The area offers stunning scenery and incredible wildlife viewing. Whether you’re visiting with your family or on a solo trip, Cordova is sure to delight your senses.

Cordova is home to several successful businesses. The Copper River Fleece Company sells colorful garments designed to withstand the extreme weather conditions of the region. Visitors can also visit Pete’s Treats to indulge in some chocolate truffles. Another great place to visit is Knot Crazy, which transforms fishing line into fine art.

If you’re looking for a unique, off-the-beaten-path place to visit, Cordova is the place to go. Whether you’re into fishing or adventure sports, you’ll find a lot to do in this small Alaskan town. Because of its remote location, you’ll be able to experience the local culture in an authentic setting.

Once a bustling mining town, Cordova has a quaint waterfront atmosphere. A railroad once ran through the area, but was no longer used after the Great Friday earthquake destroyed the Million Dollar Bridge. Today, Cordova is a quaint fishing town on the Prince William Sound. The Shorebird Festival is a popular event here, and the Iceworm festival dates back to 1961.

It is a great place to see salmon and shorebirds

Cordova, Alaska is known for being one of the premier areas for shorebird photography. The area hosts thousands of flocks of waterfowl each spring. In fact, it is home to the largest concentration of waterfowl in the entire state. The area also hosts the annual Shore Bird Festival. Birders can enjoy guided tours, photography trips, and night birding adventures.

Despite being off the beaten path, Cordova is accessible by air or water. The Alaska Marine Highway system connects the city to nearby Whittier and Valdez. The short flight to Cordova takes just over 2.5 hours. Alternatively, you can take the Alaska State Ferry. This method of transportation is not only convenient, but it is also scenic.

Cordova has stunning mountain peaks and picturesque bodies of water. There are several hiking trails in the area. Power Creek Trail runs along glacial-silt-laden waters that teem with salmon during the fall. To stay safe on these trails, bear spray is recommended. If you’d like to see more wildlife, you can also take a wildlife tour offered by Childs Glacier Adventures.

Visitors can also take part in the Copper River Delta Shorebird Festival, which takes place in early May. Hundreds of thousands of shorebirds flock to the area during spring migration. The Copper River Delta is home to up to 5 million shorebirds during this period. The festival is a wonderful opportunity for bird watchers to witness this epic migration in person.

It has a brewery

There is more than one brewery in Cordova, Alaska. The Cordova Brewing Company specializes in fresh, unfiltered beer. The brewery also offers nonalcoholic beverages, growler fills, and kegs for restaurants. The brewers are committed to promoting local business and helping the Cordova community grow.

The city council recently voted not to protest the Cordova brewery license application. Alaska’s Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office can only issue one liquor license per community, but the council was in favor of one. The council members said they were excited to try the new beer and support the local business.

The community is known for its annual festivals and celebrations. Visitors can enjoy a variety of lodging options and tourist attractions. Alaska Airlines offers a direct flight from Anchorage to Cordova. There are also ferries running between the two communities. The airports closest to Cordova include Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport and Elmendorf Municipal Airport.

When planning your trip to Cordova, be sure to check out the local hotels. While a budget hotel in Cordova won’t blow your budget, you’ll have access to a variety of great amenities, including free breakfast. Some have gyms and other activities for guests to enjoy.

It has a theater

The city of Cordova, Alaska, has a long history of theater, and there are two different theater companies in town. The Stage of the Tide and Cordova Center are both community-owned theaters. The former produces shows that range from dinner theater to musicals. The productions are performed in different locations in the town, including on the ferry to Valdez. Both theater companies pride themselves on the participation of the community and the enthusiasm of theater goers.

The Cordova Museum is a great place to see a live show, and the art galleries feature an ever-changing collection of local and international artists. There are also art workshops in the area, and one is led by an artist in residence. One workshop is held indoors from 9 am to 11 am, and the other is an immersive outdoor workshop.

Cordova, Alaska is home to the Prince William Sound College community campus. The University of Alaska Anchorage has a branch campus in the city. Cordova was first included on the U.S. Census in 1910. The town has a community theater that hosts performances of local artists. The center will also house the Cordova Public Library and historical museum, municipal administrative offices, and conference/meeting spaces.

The theater features all-ages movies. During the summer, the theater will show documentaries for kids. For children, the theater features a lobby full of hands-on activities.

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