BarkBox Vs BarkBox

When comparing the two boxes, we saw some differences between the two. One of the key differences is the type of toys contained inside. While both boxes contain plush toys, Super Chewer toys have a much heavier feel and can withstand chewing for longer periods of time. If your pup chews through its plush toys easily, the Super Chewer box may be the better choice.

Dog subscription boxes

BarkBox and Super Chewer both offer a similar subscription service but differ in some key ways. First of all, subscribers must fill out an online profile with information on their dog’s size and dietary preferences. Subscriptions can be set up for one, six, or twelve months for a nominal fee. The boxes contain two toys, two treats, and one chew. In addition, you can customize the subscription options to your dog’s liking by choosing the toy, treat, and frequency of the deliveries.

Super Chewer and BarkBox both send out themed boxes each month. While BarkBox only sends out one box a month, Super Chewer sends out two boxes per month. They often feature limited edition themed boxes and special offers. Regardless of which one you choose, each box will be fun for both you and your dog. In addition to containing a different toy or treat, the boxes contain jokes and other fun items for your dog to enjoy.

In addition to the toys, both brands include a guarantee against destruction. The Barkbox toys are dishwasher-safe and the company is dedicated to your dog’s safety. The treats are also made with consideration for allergies. Each Super Chewer subscription comes with two bags of organic treats that are meaty and wheat-free, making them healthy for your dog.

BarkBox also offers an optional “add-on” option. These boxes contain a variety of treats and toys, and are customized according to the size of your dog and your current subscription type. If you’re unsure of which option to choose, you can always contact the company and let them choose the items for your dog.


There are several reasons that dog lovers love Super Chewer. One of these is that your dog is bound to enjoy the customized assortment. Compared to BarkBox, Super Chewer costs just $30 per month, with shipping free within the contiguous United States. The box also comes with a toy and treat sample. You can also customize the assortment and mix and match different products if you want to give your dog more than one toy.

If your dog is an aggressive chewer, Super Chewer might be the better choice. This box contains durable chews and rubber toys that will stand up to even the roughest chewer. The price is slightly higher, but the quality of the items is unmatched. The toy selection is more extensive and you won’t be left without the most popular dog toys.

BarkBox subscriptions are great for busy people who want to give their dogs the best toys. A BarkBox subscription costs only $39 per month, but you can get a discount for a longer subscription period. In addition to the themed toys, BarkBox subscribers also receive 2 full-sized treat bags and a crunchy chew stick. The plush toys are made from a variety of materials including soft t-shirt rope, short and long fuzz, and even spiky balls.

The Super Chewer BARKBOX VS BarkBOX cost differs in the materials and features of each box. BarkBox is more specialized while Chewy is more convenient. However, they both offer similar warranties. In case you’re not happy with your Super Chew BarkBox, you can get a replacement anytime. Both companies also offer a 14-day money-back guarantee for their toys.

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