All About Choosing A Fire Safety Signage

Signs indicating fire safety are an important tool that can be used to inform people what to do in case of a fire. The law also requires them to be displayed in certain locations. You may be required to post fire safety signs if you own a business or any other public building. 

To help people find escape routes, signs must be displayed where necessary. Signs are also helpful in locating emergency equipment and pointing out emergency fire phone numbers. If you’re looking for more information about fire safety signage, check this out.

fire safety signage

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Photoluminescent materials are used in many fire safety signs. Because they absorb light during daylight and glow at night, this allows them to be read in both the dark and the light. 

There are other sign types. You can use them if you already have them. Make sure they are clear, readable, easy-to-understand pictograms and have the correct text. It is important that all signage on a building or property is identical. 

To make it easy to understand, escape route signs should include supplementary text. The correct types of text and arrows should clearly indicate fire exit routes. You should use a separate sign if you intend to indicate that the exit is only for emergency use. 

If you have any questions, you can contact a fire official for guidance. In an emergency, the right signage can make a big difference.

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