5 Garage Organization Ideas For a 2 Car Garage

If your garage is not very big, there are a few different ways to organize it. If you have a small space, you can organize it vertically, and use the garage door as a rack for long items. You can also create a “walking path” in your garage by installing wire shelving and bins.

Creating a “walking path” in your garage

Creating a “walking path” through your garage can make the space feel more spacious. This can be especially beneficial for homeowners in climates with moderate temperatures. It also makes a lovely addition to the exterior of a home. Creating a walking path will also keep clutter out of the way.

Adding wire shelving

Adding wire shelving to your garage is an easy way to organize the area and create more storage space. Most garage storage is on the sides of the wall, so consider adding a corner shelf to create more space for shelving. This method is very flexible and easy to rearrange as needed. You can also make use of old shoe hangers or shelves as peg rail organizers.

You can also use wire shelves to store items that need to be easily accessed. These shelves can be purchased at a home improvement store for an affordable price. You can also find inexpensive baskets at the dollar store to store toys or sports balls. If you need to put away items for a while, you can also use clear jars or food jars for storage. You can also invest in a portable label maker to help you translate sloppy handwriting into a readable label.

In addition to wire shelves, you can add modular systems that hang from the ceiling to save space. This kind of storage can be useful for storing everything, including handy tool chests. When placed correctly, these solutions can give you great storage space without sacrificing parking space. Another advantage of installing shelving is that it can free up parking space and make room for a car. Clearing out the clutter is always a good idea.

Wire shelving can be used to store things like toys and sports equipment. These items can be placed in the shelves so that they can be easily accessed when needed. The magnetic strips can help you track items that are misplaced or rolling around. Adding a catch-all area can prevent injury and keep track of sports equipment.

Adding bins

Adding bins to your garage is an easy and practical way to organize your space. They are sturdy and can be mounted on slatted wall panels. This allows you to move the cabinets around without causing damage to your walls. For even more convenience, you can purchase a cabinet that can support 150 pounds and is coated to prevent corrosion. You can also hang extension cords from the panels.

Besides being useful for organizing the garage, bins can also protect your belongings from dirt and pests. If you live in a humid climate, consider buying weather-proof bins. Plastic bags are also a great solution. They can hold a large number of items and are inexpensive. This is especially helpful if you have children’s toys.

Plastic storage bins are another popular option for organizing your garage. If you’re planning on adding bins to your garage, you can purchase them from home improvement stores. Often, they have great sales. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can also purchase inexpensive plastic bins and labels.

One way to organize a garage is to use a cabinet island. It should have plenty of drawers and can be dedicated to specific items. You can also arrange things by category on the walls of your garage. One wall may hold bins for winter gear and another wall can be dedicated to tools.

Adding a garage door

Adding a garage door is a great way to upgrade your home. It provides extra protection from inclement weather and accidents. It can also be a great way to organize tools, gardening equipment, and other items. Garage doors can be purchased from various manufacturers and can cost anywhere from $700 to $3,500. You can choose from wood, composite, steel, or aluminum materials.

When choosing a garage door, it’s important to consider both the aesthetics and functionality of the door. A double garage door offers greater space for your vehicles. Single garage doors are typically not wide enough to accommodate larger vehicles. However, double garage doors offer additional space and can be an excellent option for homes that do not have a large driveway.

If you plan to add a garage door, it’s important to determine the width of your space. For example, a 20×20 garage might require a door that is eight feet wide. If your garage door is a foot too small, it will probably hit the wall or scratch your cars. If you need extra space, consider building a 24×24 garage.

While it’s important to consider the material and style of your garage door, you don’t have to go overboard. There are many affordable options to choose from. One of the most popular choices is fiberglass. Steel is another popular option, as it’s inexpensive but durable.

A standard double garage door costs between $490 and $1100. A double garage door can accommodate two smaller cars and offers more space. This option is ideal for bigger families with younger children or for older people who require extra storage space.

Adding boot storage

Adding boot storage to your garage is a great way to make the garage more organized. Boot storage can be made out of round and rectangular wooden pieces that can store all sorts of boots. Boot storage can also be made out of heavy-duty wall hooks so that you can easily find the items you need when you need them.

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