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Friday 24 November 2017


Terror And War Show What A Clinton Presidency Will Look Like

Paul Zanetti Monday 3 October 2016

All the attention is on the oafish, cartoony Donald Trump, and understandably so. The walking, talking freak show is outrageous, offensive, outlandish and constantly contradicts whatever he said last week, last year or even 5 minutes ago. I sometimes wonder if he’s running against Clinton or himself.

That surely makes him well qualified to be another politician. Cartoonists attempting to lampoon Trump don’t hold a candle to the accomplished job being done by the man himself.

While the largely Leftist media has taken a shock-horror position on Trump’s non-payment of federal income taxes over a couple of decades - the latest in a string of gotchas -  he’s actually done nothing illegal, and he’s certainly not been responsible for the deaths of millions.

I’m not defending a self-proclaimed multi billionaire’s right to opportunistically access a tax system that allows a $1billion of tax write-offs over 20 years. Blame the system that advantage the insiders who have enough bucks to hire the best and smartest advisors,  lawyers, accountants, while screwing over the little guys that Trump has ramped up as supporters.

Our own Kerry Francis Bullmore Packer once famously said, "I don't know anybody that doesn't minimise their tax. I'm not evading tax in any way shape or form. Of course I'm minimising my tax. If anybody in this country doesn't minimise their tax they want their head read. As a government I can tell you you're not spending it that well that we should be paying extra."

But let’s contrast Trump with Clinton.

The Democrats presidential candidate has been accused of illegal and fraudulent behaviour, with much red-faced embarrassment.

Not by Hillary. No.

By the media.

Trump’s every move, utterance, sniffle, hand gesture and tweet is being clinically dissected, yet Clinton’s lumpy legacy carpet is being patted down then stood on by the Press as a vantage to look and point to Trump.

“Ooooh….look over there!”

If Clinton’s dodgy email shenanigans were given as much scrutiny and jaw-dropping shock-and-awe as Trump’s very legal - but seemingly unfair - tax arrangements the media might have more cred. You only need to follow our own SMH’s US correspondent, Paul McGeough’s shrill daily reporting which read like transcripts from the Clinton Camp’s press releases. Clinton is very hard done by and Trump is Satan in human form.

Which only gives Trump more ammo when shouting about “the corrupt media”, to cheers from his growing army of followers.

But back to Hillary. We all now know via mostly online reporting that Clinton’s email system was originally hosted on a personal server at her home, known as the Pagliano Server, then later transferred to a commercial hosting server.

The recent FBI investigation found that 13 mobile devices were used for emails, and two accounts - one for personal and one for state emails.

Everybody needs 13 mobile phones…right?

Her IT guy, Paul Combretta, was given immunity by Department of Justice when word leaked out that he deleted over 30,000 emails from her private server, despite being previously ordered by the FBI to not do so.

He continued working for Clinton 6 months after his actions became public knowledge, clearly suggesting complicity from his boss.

The FBI exonerated Clinton, which says more about the FBI than Clinton.

While investigations were ongoing for six months, Combetta (allegedly) posted under another username a number of questions on the Reddit website asking a group how to remove “(VERY VIP) email addresses" out of archived emails and how to configure email retention policies.

He admitted he was "facing a very interesting situation requiring him to strip out or replace the email addresses in the to/from fields in all of the emails”

When told by a user there was no known way this was possible, Combretta considered editing the emails by replacing the email addresses.

He replied, “I think maybe I wasn't clear enough in the original post. I have these emails available in a PST file. Can I rewrite them in the PST? I could also export to MSG and do some sort of batch find/replace. Anyone know of tools that might help with this?"

With no successful solution, shortly after, Hillary’s 33,000 emails were wiped from the server.

Nobody has suggested Hillary knew of this, nor was involved, but questions remain.

Was Combretta acting as a lone wolf, or under instructions?

His continued employment might give you the answer.

But nothing to see here, if you read the mainstream ‘liberal’ media.  

Other members of Clinton’s staff paint a picture of a slapstick comedy crew. Her aides said that while they knew her email addresses, they didn’t understand the technology behind it and were ‘unaware of the existence of private email servers until after Clinton’s tenure.’

Perhaps she should have hired some 13 year olds.

Clinton herself was completely ignorant of anything to do with technology, in fact she didn’t have one of the most basic office or household devices - a desktop computer, and she never used one. She refused to upgrade from her clunky old BlackBerry to an iphone and she never learned to use an ipad or other tablet.

She couldn’t even use a fax machine.

Hillary’s sole communications operating system was an outdated BlackBerry.

We’re not talking about a retired, backwater grandma here. We’re talking about the most powerful woman in the world who wants to be the most powerful person in the world.

She and her staff regularly conversed on sensitive matters on unclassified email systems.

Hillary is either deceitfully dodgy or hopelessly stupid.

We won’t even get into her and Obama’s disastrous 'Arab Spring' button-pushing, that led to the seeding and flourishing of Islamic State, and growing ISIS-inspired terror cells now planted around the globe, including the suburban streets of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Syria is a humanitarian tragedy, Libya is not much better, Iraq a basket case.

The Saudis have Obama and Clinton in their pocket. Obama bows to, and kisses the Saudi king’s ring when meeting in person. The subversive enemy of the United States and everything democratic, the well-known funders of Wahabbi-Sunni Islamic terror, have donated $25 million to Hillary's and Bill’s Clinton Foundation.

Not a peep in the liberal media.

The only person fighting terrorism in Syria is Russia’s Putin. Overnight the Obama/Clinton camp called off talks with Russia meaning whatever’s left of Aleppo will be pounded into dust.

You can’t help wondering if the Obama/Clinton grand plan, along with useful allies like Germany’s Merkel, and of course our own Greens and Labor Party, has been to create an unimaginable humanitarian crisis in the Middle East, the importation of Islamic refugees into the west, expediting the attempted establishment of a caliphate.

After all, an Ummah (community) of Muslims is not that much different from the Communist (community) dream - the reality of which is a hell on earth where the powerful prosper at the expense of naive useful idiots, if history is any indication.

It’s no mystery why the ‘progressive’ Left so vehemently defends Islam. Brothers in arms in the fight to undermine, and ultimately destroy the West.

There’s an old saying, “If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.”

More Hillary anyone?