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Wednesday 16 August 2017


Shorten Still Leads In Leadership Coup Poll

Paul Zanetti Monday 12 October 2015

OPPOSITION Leader Bill Shorten attacked Prime Minister Turnbull’s toppling of Tony Abbott in parliament today.

Addressing the prime minister in the first parliamentary sitting since Mr Abbott’s removal, Mr Shorten reminded the PM he had some way to go to pass his record of removing two sitting Prime Ministers.

“How can the Australian people have any confidence in this Prime Minister when the record shows he’s half the man I am?” Mr Shorten asked.

The Opposition leader’s questions were interrupted by disruption from the public gallery.

Mr Shorten asked security to remove the two young children fighting.

“It’s Peter Garret and Kevin Rudd,” Mr Shorten was informed.

Mr Turnbull praised his predecessor saying he admired Tony Abbott for his great achievements which prompted heckling and jeering.

The speaker asked for order from the two rowdy backbenchers, Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey.  

Mr Abbott re-assured the speaker he had said there would be sniping but added he did not say there would be no heckling, giggling, sneering, white-anting hand buzzers, whoopee cushions or hiding behind the curtains in the PM’s office and jumping out during the PM’s daily briefings and warnings from Islamic leaders.

Mr Turnbull said Australians have had enough of rotating party leaders which received bipartisan support from Mr Shorten who said he would discourage the removal of another poor polling Labor leader.