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Friday 24 November 2017


Bill Leak Fights For Our Basic Freedom To Speak The Truth

Paul Zanetti Sunday 16 October 2016

It’s On! Freedom Fighting Cartoonist Bill Leak vs. the Totalitarian Thought Police of the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC).

This is a fight that is ripe to be had, a fight that any lover of democracy, freedom of thought and speech will support in every way.

Freedom is hard won and too easily lost. Millions have died for it. And yet, it’s a battle of vigilance that continues to this day.

Leak is being dragged before the AHRC for drawing a thought provoking truthful cartoon that has outraged the totalitarian Left - the modern day wowsers. 3/4 of a century ago artist and cartoonist Norman Lindsay faced his own attacks from censorious wowsers.

The mantra of wowsers is, “I may not like what you say, so I’ll do everything to shut you down.”

But it’s not Bill Leak on trial this time, it’s the AHRC, Racial Discrimination Commissioner, Thinethavone Soutphommasane and Section 18C of the Anti-Discrimination Act.

To quickly update, Leak recently drew a cartoon highlighting the dysfunction of aboriginal families (which includes sexual abuse of children by family members).

The cartoon portrayed three aborigines. One, a figure of authority - an aboriginal policeman - is shown handing a delinquent aboriginal teenager to his aboriginal father, beer can in hand saying, ”You’ll have to sit down and talk to your son about personal responsibility.”

The aboriginal father replies: “Yeah righto, what’s his name then?”

This caused a twitter storm from trigger happy virtual signallers more intent on harnessing offence than looking at what Leak was actually saying.

Productivity Commission Reports (Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage) in 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2014 repeatedly chronicle figures showing unacceptably high levels of child sexual abuse in aboriginal communities - as high as 11 times more than that of non-aboriginal children.

The next report is due out next month. Expect more of the same.

To ignore such unacceptably high levels of child sexual abuse in this one community is irresponsible or worse, negligent. The lynch mob Left ‘progressives’ are most guilty of fostering the abuse, going by their twitter comments, attacking anybody who dares shine a light on the tragedy of aboriginal kids.

Reports repeatedly show that sexual health and abuse of aboriginal children leads to hopelessness and dissociation, in turn leading to unacceptably high levels of alcohol consumption and petrol sniffing which causes a cycle of violence and more sexual abuse of children.

Children abuse other children because they’ve been watching porn or they’re simply bored. Children as young as 6 perform oral sex on each other.

Aboriginal community and family structures that once protected children from sexual abuse have broken down. That’s what Bill Leak was saying.

The Breaking the Silence report of the Aboriginal Sexual Assault Taskforce (ACSAT) interviewed more than 300 Aboriginal people in NSW and found that not one could name a family member unaffected by the scourge of child sexual assault.

Some victims are under the age of 10. Young girls are reported as accepting that abuse was inevitable and resistance was futile. Children trade sex for money, drugs, alcohol or petrol.

Sexually transmitted diseases have increased sharply. Aboriginal children are almost 7 times more likely to self-harm, the second most common cause of death from external injury.

An inquiry found that Aboriginal women had been threatened by men if they gave evidence about child sex abuse, which led to no victims coming forward.

Leak’s crime was to shout out loud, “Look at this!!!!”

The Racial Discrimination Commissioner, Thinethavone Soutphommasane wasted no time urging anyone offended by the cartoon to lodge a complaint under the ­Racial Discrimination Act, publicly stating, “Our society shouldn’t endorse racial stereotyping of Aboriginal ­Australians or any other racial or ethnic group.”

Soutphommasane tweeted to over 15,000 followers (who shared the tweet) “Our society shouldn’t endorse racial stereotyping of ­Aboriginal Australians — or, for that matter, any other group”, in an act that can only be interpreted as soliciting for self-justifying work.

Worse though, that this man, head of a statutory body has pre-judged the cartoon, finding Leak guilty without any procedural process and thus denying Leak an unbiased fair hearing - a basic right in Australian administrative law.

On that basis alone, any complaint should be thrown out and Thinethavone Soutphommasane should be reprimanded or sacked. The office of the Racial Discrimination Commissioner is compromised while he sits in the chair.

As a consequence, a complaint against Leak has been lodged by one Melissa Dinnison who alleges she has experienced racial hatred as a result of the cartoon. The complaint relies on the contentious Section 18C of The Racial Discrimination Act.

It seems Ms Dinisson identifies as a drunk, aboriginal male, and it will be interesting to see how she argues she was portrayed in Leak’s cartoon as the drunk, rather than say, the responsible, sober aboriginal figure of authority also depicted in the cartoon.

I’m calling a win for Bill Leak, which will lead to an amendment or repeal of the notorious Section 18C.


Well there’s a precedent.

I was also subjected to a complaint only a few years ago in an almost identical case. I drew a cartoon highlighting sexual abuse in aboriginal communities.

A pale-skinned serial complainant and activist decided to have a go, claiming $10,000 from the newspaper that published the cartoon, The Kalgoorlie Miner (among a string of other papers).

As with the Bill Leak case, the newspaper chose to defend on a number of grounds, not least of which was that the individual was not portrayed in the cartoon and could show no evidence of being racially stereotyped or abused.

I was of course asked by the publisher’s lawyers to pen a reply as to what my motivation was in drawing the cartoon. I referenced the many Productivity Commission Reports which highlighted the higher levels of sexual abuse in aboriginal communities and it was game, set and match.

The newspaper was not prepared to compromise it's right to opinion.

The case (I believe) escalated to court the case was thrown out, and my understanding was significant costs were awarded in favour of the publisher. That was the last they heard from the serial pest.

I suspect this case will follow a similar path.

Bill Leak says he won’t back down, but digging in for a fight. That fight is for all of us in a free society to speak the truth regardless if that offends the perpetually offended.

Today Leak has thrown down the gauntlet to the AHRC with a typically brilliant cartoon (above) showing Bob Dylan mocking the thought police with a reconstruction of ‘The Times they Are A-Changin’.”

After this clown show has run its course, expect plenty of egg on a few faces.

Next, if Malcolm Turnbull has any gonads, he’ll do what Tony Abbott didn’t do - repeal the abused, abusive and dangerous law that leads to expensive, wasteful laughable attempts to squash speech that points to truths - truth that screams, “These kids are being destroyed by their own families and communities.”

When aboriginal kids are being damaged by their own families and the AHRC and Racial Discrimination Commissioner choose to shoot the messenger, you have to ask yourself, who really is the racist?